Gilles Bailly
I am currently CNRS researcher in the Human-Computer Interaction group at TELECOM ParisTech. Previously, I was post-doctoral researcher at Cluster of Excellence of multimodal interaction (2013), Max-Planck Institute für Informatics (2012), Telekom Innovation Laboratories (2011-2012) and Telecom ParisTech (2009-2010). I received my PhD in Computer Science from the Univ. of Grenoble.

My research is in HCI, focused on understanding and improving command selection on traditional GUIs (menus, hotkeys, etc.) and gesture-based interfaces (multi-touch, mid-air gestures). I design novel interaction techniques, build predictive model of performance and develop optimization methods.


Group VIA
46 rue Barrault
75 013, Paris, France
Lastest updates (April 2016)

- Honorable mention for TouchToken with R. Morales, C. Appert and E. Pietriga
- 3 full papers accepted at CHI'16 (here)
- keynote speaker at VISIGRAPP 2016
Main projects:

Actuated devices

TouchToken (Tangible Interaction)



Model of Performance

Interactive Optimization



Finger-Count Interaction

Flower menus

MTM (Multi-Touch Menu)

Public Displays

Wave & Wavelet menus

Leaf menus

Interactive TV

MenUA (design space)
Lastest Videos: